Terms and Conditions

  1. By consigning with the Company, you agree to consign by product(s) for a minimum of 30 days, and a maximum of 90 days, unless other timelines and conditions are specified between the Company and the Client
  2. Post the 90 day consign period, the Client is responsible to follow up with the Company in regards to status of the product(s) and suggested way forward. 
  3. After consigning with the Company for upto 90 days, the Company and the Client will mutually make one of the following decisions: A) return the product back from Company to Client, or B) lower the price of the product. If a product is returned from Company to Client, Client will bear the cost if return shipping. If the price is agreed to be lower, the Company will consign the product(s) for an additional (upto) 60 days
  4. The Company reserves the right to return a product to the Client at any time, should there be any issues with the product that were not mentioned or noticed in the initial agreement, including scratches, stains, quality, or a question of authenticity of a product. In this case, the Client will bear all potential shipping charges of the product(s)
  5. Once a selling price is agreed on and finalised between the Client and the Company, the price can not be changed unless a new price is re-discussed and signed off upon by both parties
  6. While consigning with the Company, your product(s) will be photographed and featured across online and offline sales channels. The Client’s personal details and origin of the product(s) shall not be disclosed by the Company under any circumstances. The Company takes confidentiality seriously and respects the privacy of the Client
  7. When product(s) are shipped from Client to Company, the Client is responsible for insuring the product(s) until it reaches and is confirmed as received by the Company. The Client will cover any charges related to shipping the product(s) to the Company. The Company is not liable or responsible for the product(s) until it is confirmed to be received by the Company, in writing
  8. The Client must fill out a product form for each and every product(s) consigned with the Company, within 7 days of delivering the product(s) to the Company
  9. All products are checked and authenticated before being presented to clients. The Company only deals in authentic goods. The Client is liable to pay a penalty fine starting at INR 10,000 to the Company if a product is inauthentic
  10. The Client agrees to not consign a product with any other competing or similar platform selling pre-loved luxury goods, while consigning with the Company. If the Client is consigning its product(s) on other platforms, the Client will inform the Company accordingly. The Client is still liable to follow the minimum consignment period, and the Company agrees to only return item to seller at the end of that agreed time period, or in agreement with the Client in the event that an earlier date is settled.
  11. The Client will make note of any visible marks, scratches or stains before consigning with the Company. The Company furthermore agrees to handle the product(s) only with outmost care, and guarantees the Client liability of the condition and handling of product(s) while consigning with the Company.
  12. The Client ensures that the product(s) consigned are of authentic condition and that they are not selling counterfeit goods. It is up to the Client to ensure that the item is authentic, and in the event that a good sold is found to be non-authentic, the Client is liable to pay back the Buyer the full total amount of the item, bear any shipping charges incurred to the Company or the Buyer, as well as pay a fine of INR 5000 to the Company.
  13. If a price is agreed upon between Client and Company based on condition and quality of an item, the Company remains the rights to change/lower the price at a later point if the product(s) are not in the condition that was originally shown/communicated from Client to Company. The Company will inform the Client of any such changes before going ahead with consignment.
  14. All returns, cancellations and refunds shall be communicated within 7 days of transaction/receipt of product(s) by the Client, whichever comes last, through info@vrttvintage.comin order to be considered.