Consign with us

How do I consign with VRTT?

Step 1:

Send detailed photos of your product(s), ideally inside, under, front, back, and any detailing, if any, in terms of marks, scratches or spots, to

Step 2:

Our team will review your product(s) and get back to you within 24 hours, to let you know how much you will earn if your item sells

Step 3:

Once we are in an agreement on price* - ship the product(s) to us. We will provide you with a receipt/product form, confirming the condition and agreed price of the items


Step 4:

Once received, our team reviews your piece in terms of authenticity and overall condition of the item in person, together with our global authentication partner

Step 5:

Once your piece is approved, we keep it on consignment for minimum of 90 days, and a maximum of 6 months. In some cases we will keep the item for longer as per mutual agreement with the seller.

Step 6:

As a company policy, the seller of an item gets 70% of the VRTT sale price

*VRTT gives you the best market price on your goods by using a standard, global metric system, which gets sent off to a third party for verification

**The seller will receive the payment within 30 days of an item sold

What items can I consign with VRTT?

  • Shoes, bags, accessories and clothing - women's and men's both

  • We do not accept watches or fine jewellery at this time

  • Anything considered vintage or luxury second hand - no fast fashion or high street brands

  • Items with original retail price being approximately INR 15,000 or above

  • Items in good condition, with little to no signs of wear and tear

  • Original items - all pieces will be run through our global authentication partner to ensure authenticity of each item

  • Although not compulsory, things like dustbag, box, tags, and receipt, bring up the price of your product and also increases the chances that a product will sell fast